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About the Tonkinese cat

The Tonkinese cat is a joy to have as a very loving pet. Being a Saimese-Burmese hybrid, they are extremely affectionate and have extraordinary intelligence. It's almost a trait to retrive and ride on your shoulders. Their short, soft fur feels like a mink coat. They are noted for their beautiful aqua eyes, which no other breed have.

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This is a site dedicated to the promotion of the Tonkinese cat. As the original Tonkinese breeder on the West coast of the USA, I assisted in the creation of this breed. You will find the Tairedd line in most every Tonkinese cat being shown today. I am very proud of the breed and will be happy to discuss these cats with you.


So if you have any questions on the breed, it's care and personality, or how to get a kitten send E-MAIL to


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